Stand Up Paddle Instruction and Coaching with Nikki Gregg

& The Paddleboard Company in Morro Bay, CA

Nikki is an ACA Level 2 SUP Instructor & ACE Fitness Personal Trainer


SUP Instruction and Coaching

  • Private SUP Coaching
  • Group SUP clinics
  • Two-day SUP Boot Camp
  • Customized classes and events
  • Special events
  • Corporate events
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SUP Techniques to Promote Paddling Efficiency and Prevent Injury

This interactive lecture is combined with on-water instruction.  A great class for novice, intermediate and advanced stand up paddlers.  Not recommended for first time paddlers. -2 hours  Bring your own board or rent from The Paddleboard Company

  • Learn valuable strengthening and flexibility exercises that target the vulnerable areas in which stand up paddlers often suffer overuse injury and chronic pain.  Learn how to incorporate proper body mechanics and eliminate faulty movement patterns.  Nikki explains how choosing the right SUP equipment affects paddling performance and joint health.  And finally, learn a detailed break down of forward stroke technique to help you become a more powerful and efficient stand up paddler while minimizing aches and pains. The class will work on board maneuvering skills, drills and techniques to improve your balance and confidence on your SUP.
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SUP 'Six Pack' Fitness Class

Experience a new and exciting way to get fit.  Combining SUP technique instruction with a cardiovascular and strength training fitness circuit, this class will transition between land and water to make for a challenging workout full of surprises and fun.  Bring your ‘A’ game. All fitness levels welcome.  – 1.5 hours, Bring your own board or rent from The Paddleboard Company



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Race Strategies

Thinking about entering your first SUP race or interested in learning or improving upon your current race skills?  This 2 hour course will give you the tools you need to take your racing to the next level.  Topics covered include:

  • Setting goals
  • Nutrition
  • Physical and mental preparation
  • Stroke techniques
  • Race starts
  • Buoy turns

Bring your own board or rent from The Paddleboard Company

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Navigating Rough Conditions

Basic strategies necessary to give you a safe and solid foundation and give you the confidence to navigate rough water conditions such as chop, strong currents and strong headwinds.  1.5 hours, Bring your own board or rent from The Paddleboard Company

Topics covered:

  • Know before you go
  • Paddling techniques
  • Stabilizing techniques
  • Bracing techniques
  • Stroke adaptations
  • Stance options


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