“My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.” -Marcel Proust

This spring I’m in the process of shedding every unfulfilling layer of life, both physically and emotionally, and so far its lifted a virtual sheer ton of weight off of my psyche.  In the last few weeks I sold all my belongings and moved out of my house, all that remains is enough ‘stuff’ to neatly stack into a 5×5 storage unit. I’ve never been a person who feels comfortable owning a lot of material things because it makes me feel claustrophobic and stressed out.  I’m a minimalist on the move, and despite what anyone else’s opinion of what a socially acceptable life looks like I’ve always followed my inner GPS which has taken me on my unique journey, a magnificent path of adventure and exploration into the unknown.



Every spring I head out on my summer SUP tour, but this year I’m on an all new kind of adventure that carries much more significance than it has in the past.  I’ve decided to hit the road for an entire year, both to explore new places and also revisit and get closure from places of my past.  After the most challenging and heartbreaking year of my life in 2014, my focus has completely changed.  It’s time for me to dig deep and remove the negative old programs that won’t run on the new software, Nikki 2.0.  It’s time to drop the ego and all the old baggage that goes with it and move towards becoming a more joyful and compassionate person. I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’ve messed up a lot of things in my life and it’s not easy to let go of old programs and forgive myself and others.

“The Longest Journey You Will Ever Make Is From Your Head To Your Heart.”  -Sioux Legend

As I slowly make my journey to the core of my being and expose layer after layer of self that needs to be addressed, I have been on a roller coaster of emotions.  It’s tough to face the deepest and darkest part of yourself, but I believe it necessary in order to achieve my goals, goals which cannot be reached when life is clogged up with unnecessary distractions, drama and misguided focus.  Looking back I can’t believe how many times I let superficial problems distract me from what is truly important, either by getting involved in situations or with people who were not good for me or getting sucked into other people’s warped drama.  I also realize that I find ways to distract myself in any way possible when I’m too afraid to face my problems and fears.


So, this year on the road is about learning to be a better person, opening my eyes and my heart to a new way of living, dropping the deadweight and healing old wounds to make room for Nikki 2.0. Unfortunately, this new software doesn’t come with an instruction manual so I’m totally winging it here.  I struggle on a daily basis, but have also had some major breakthroughs.  I’m not sure how this journey will evolve, but I look forward to sharing my stories and travels with you….whether it’s an epic success or epic fail.  Why in the world would I share my personal life with the public?  It’s simple, my goal with this project is the hope that some part of my journey inspires you on yours.  :)  Follow my journey #theNRGLife