Nikki’s Bio

Nikki Gregg, the founder of NRG, is a fitness junkie and icon of the SUP world. She’s also more toned than your printer cartridge. Nikki began her career helping to pioneer Stand Up Paddling, eventually built her own company, and has dedicated her life to playing in the great outdoors.

“It wasn’t some big thing,” she explains about her pioneer status. Intrigued by the sport and competitive by nature, Nikki explored the then unheard of concept of SUP. She was feeding a passion that has consumed much of her professional life. Even today, she is constantly striving to perfect —and maintain— her technique while experimenting with her environment. As a result, Nikki has conquered all forms of stand up paddling; from fitness,
surfing, racing, flatwater, open ocean paddling and even whitewater.

As a professional athlete and rogue adventurer, Nikki has long been fascinated by body mechanics and health. She’s the rare trainer who doesn’t give you a hard time for wanting a few Oreos. It’s about getting enough sleep and eating right 80% of the time. From training clients and nutritional advising, to SUP fitness DVDs and lifestyle coaching, Nikki’s company reflects her joy and intensity about smart living.

Born in Ohio, it wasn’t until her late teens that Nikki discovered mountains, snow, Colorado and Lake Tahoe. She
excelled in alpine athletics, but after a haggard snowboarding incident, moved to Hawaii where she adapted her extreme-sports fetish to warmer climates. She continues to travel the globe and is always looking for what’s next.



2010 Standup Journal

Woman of the Year

2011 SUP Connect

Woman of the Year

2012 SUP Awards

Top Female Paddlers of the Year

2012 SUP Connect

Woman of the Year – Runner Up

Race Results - (Click to expand)

Payette River Games – 2013 1st Place Women

Jericho Oceanman – Vancouver, BC – 2012 1st Place Solo Women

Boise Whitewater Festival – 2012 Overall Winner

Fibark – Salida, CO – 2012 1st Place Triple Crown

Rocky Mountain Surf Festival – 2012 Female Whitewater Champion

Reno River Festival – 2012 1st Place Women and 4th Overall

H20 Overdrive SUP Cross – Park City, UT – 2011 1st Place Women

Naish Race Series – Hood River, OR – 2010 1st Place Women

Seaside Celebration – Seaside, FL – 2010 2nd Place Elite Women

Cold Stroke Classic – Wilmington, NC – 2010 & 2011 3rd Place Elite

Battle of the Paddle – 2009 1st Place Women’s Open

Nikki in the Media

Cover - SUP the Mag - Summer 2015

Cover - Standup Journal - Winter 2010/11

Cover - the gorge - Sumer 2011