TIGHT HIPS! Most of us have them. I recently discovered

a stretch that effi ciently targets the tough to reach psoas

muscle with a powerful active movement that opens the

hips. If you focus on precise technique and consistently

apply this hip opening stretch to your post paddle workouts,

it will help with your overall flexibility.

Move slowly and deliberately, focusing on good technique

in order to get the most out of the stretch. If done correctly,

you will feel a powerful stretch, but it should not be painful

in any way.  If it’s painful, stop! Remember to take it slow

and breathe.

step 1

Take a big step back with your right leg. Your front (left) leg

is slightly bent and knee is just behind your ankle, with foot

facing forward. Your right heel (back leg) is pressing down

towards the ground. Your gaze is in front of you, ears in line

with your shoulders and chin slightly down. Breathe.

step 2

Both hips are facing forward, or squared, meaning you

adjust your hip position so that the right side slightly shifts

forward and your left hip slightly shifts back. Pull your belly

button in towards your spine, engaging your abs as you

reach both arms up in line with your ears with palms facing

in. When your arms are up, your abs remain tight and your

shoulders pull down and away from your ears. Breathe.

step 3

Keep abdominals tight, hips square, and extend your

upper body up and to the left, flexing away from your

right (back) leg. If done correctly, you should feel a stretch

in your right hip. Keep your hips square, hold for 20 to 30

seconds and breathe.

step 4

Repeat on the other side.